Genesis 31 Chapter Summary: Jacob’s Last Days as Laban’s Servant


Genesis 31 Chapter Summary: Jacob’s Last Days as Laban’s Servant

Genesis 31 Chapter Commentary: Jacob’s Last Days as Laban’s Servant


This chapter narrates the tale of Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham and the son of Isaac and Rebekah. In this chapter, Jacob, who has been residing with his in-laws, Rachel’s family and Laban, makes the decision to leave Laban and go back to his native land.

One of Genesis 31’s major events is when Jacob learns that his brother Esau is approaching him with an army of 400 warriors.

The wives of Jacob, Rachel and Leah, inform him that they no longer choose to remain with Laban and his family. In a dream, God instructs Jacob to go back to his native land. In addition to his wives, children, and animals and herds, Jacob travels with his family.

At Mizpah, Jacob and Laban sign a covenant under which they promise to live in harmony and protect one another’s property. After that, Jacob continues on his trip home, where he ultimately runs across his brother Esau, who welcomes him and offers his forgiveness.

As Jacob’s stay with Laban comes to an end in this chapter and he returns to his native land and family, it acts as a significant turning point in his life’s narrative. It also emphasizes the value of heeding God’s instructions and the effectiveness of forgiveness and reconciliation.


What’s the Main Point?


The main point of Genesis 31 is to show the continuation of God’s plan for Jacob and his descendants, and to highlight the themes of guidance, reconciliation, and forgiveness that are central to the Biblical narrative.


What Can We Learn from This Chapter?


Genesis 31 contains several important lessons that can be applied to our own lives. Here are a few key takeaways from the chapter:

Putting your faith in God’s direction: Genesis 31 demonstrates how Jacob put his faith in God’s direction even when faced with challenging circumstances.

Jacob is terrified when he learns that his brother Esau would be meeting him with 400 men, but God comforts him in a dream and instructs him to go back to his own nation. This serves as a reminder that even in the midst of uncertainty and worry, we can put our faith in God’s direction.

The value of forgiveness is illustrated by the reunion of Jacob and Esau in Genesis 31, which shows the strength of forgiveness and our capacity to make amends with those who have harmed us. This reminds us of the value of forgiveness in our own lives and the positive effects it can have on the connections we have with others.

The value of peaceful relationships: In Genesis 31, Jacob and Laban establish a covenant at Mizpah promising to maintain peace and not harm one another’s property.

This passage further emphasizes the significance of peaceful partnerships. This serves as a reminder of how important it is to work for peace and settle disputes in our own lives and relationships.

God’s protection and provision are shown throughout Genesis 31, even after Jacob and his family depart Laban’s home and return to their own nation. This helps to act as a reminder of God’s faithfulness, as well as the ways in which he cares for and guards his people.




Dear God, as we read about Jacob’s journey in Genesis 31, we are reminded of the challenges and struggles we may face in our own lives. Help us to trust in your guidance and protection, even in the midst of difficult times. Give us the strength to stand up for what is right, to seek reconciliation with those we have wronged, and to put our faith in you above all else.

May we always remember that you are with us, leading us on our own journeys and working all things together for our good. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.



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