Word of the Day: Challenge

Jan 8, 2022 | Words of Wisdom

CHALLENGE – a stimulating task or problem; something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination

It is in the difficult times that we see just how strong our faith is. Can you see God’s hand in challenging times? Our grumbling and complaining do not please God. Our trust and obedience do.

How much of your day is spent complaining and thinking negatively? Do you tend to lose perspective in the midst of challenges? Ask God to strengthen your faith, to keep your focus on Him and not on your circumstances.


Scripture: Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”


“Life is full of challenges, but these challenges are only given to you because God knows your faith is strong enough to get you through them.” 

— Anonymous


Stewart Kabatebate of Inspired Walk discusses why God allows problems in our lives. Check out his article for valuable insights on this topic.

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