Genesis 6 Chapter Commentary: God Instructs Noah to Preserve Humanity

This chapter is about how mankind became continually evil. The more people there were on earth, the more wicked they got, and they totally disrespected God. Men and women started to question their relationship with God as humanity became more irreligious over time. Because of this, God became upset and angry, and he started to regret his choice to create man.

According to this chapter, Noah is the one through whom God will save humanity for a new beginning after eradicating all life on the planet. Noah is instructed by God to erect a massive structure called an ark and get ready to receive animals from every corner of the planet.

What’s the Main Point?

This chapter’s main lesson is how attentively Noah followed God’s instructions to complete the mission. Because of God’s intense wrath at mankind, He brought about immeasurable floods that would kill every living being.

What Can We Learn from This Chapter?

God is the just and fair judge. In the days of Noah, he judged the world with water, and at the end of time, he will judge the world with fire. According to the Bible, man will only die once and then face judgment. Although judgment is inevitable, we must thank God that we have the opportunity to be spared from it, just like Noah.

Earth has been tainted by moral depravity. God chose to wipe out the people. He instructed Noah to construct an ark in order to survive the flood. This “Ark” would save him and the rest of his family because Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

God is the ultimate judge whether we do good or bad. He will definitely judge us accordingly. During the times we think that it’s okay to sin, let’s remember how God’s justice through the Great Flood wiped out all the wicked. On the other hand, he showed mercy and compassion to Noah as he was a righteous man.


Thank you, Lord God in Heaven, for creating us in spite of the sin and wickedness of our first ancestors. People who chose to trust in Jesus Christ had their sins forgiven. In order to reach the greatness of your creation, please guide us down your road and humble us. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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