Genesis 50 Chapter Commentary: Jacob’s Passing

The last chapter of Genesis, Chapter 50, describes Jacob’s demise, burial, and legacy as well as Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers. Once Jacob passes away, Joseph, with Pharaoh’s blessing, arranges a dazzling funeral procession in order to respect his father’s request to be buried in the Canaan region.

At the funeral, Joseph’s brothers start to worry that he’ll get even on them for what they did in the past. But Joseph reassures them that he has pardoned them and explains that God intended for good what they had intended for evil. When the chapter comes to a close, Joseph is still living in Egypt with his brothers and their families.

Joseph lived in Egypt for his entire life after returning from Canaan. He witnessed three generations of his descendants being born. Prior to his death at the age of 110, Joseph comforted his brothers and assured them that God would help them leave Egypt. After his passing, Joseph’s body was embalmed and placed in a coffin in Egypt.

What’s the Main Point?

The Book of Genesis comes to an end in Genesis 50, which describes the burial of Jacob and the passing of Joseph. The chapter also highlights the benevolent actions of Joseph towards his brothers after their father’s death.

What Can We Learn from This Chapter?

We can draw a number of conclusions from the narrative in Genesis 50.

First, Joseph’s efforts to fulfill his father’s request to be buried in Canaan show how vital it is to respect the wishes of our loved ones. Also, Joseph’s willingness to forgive his brothers for their prior maltreatment of him demonstrates the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Joseph’s faith in God’s plan serves as a lesson in having faith and understanding that God can make even the most challenging circumstances into something positive. The chapter concludes by highlighting the significance of cherishing our family and ensuring that future generations carry on our values and legacy.


Lord God, we pray that you will grant us wisdom as we consider the lessons from Genesis 50. Please help us to respect the wishes of our loved ones, seek forgiveness and reconciliation, believe in your plan, treasure our family, and pass on our values to future generations. Help us to demonstrate your love and grace through our actions. Amen.

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Joseph and His Brothers Carry Jacob Back into the Land of Canaan To Be Buried in the Cave where Abraham and Sarah Were Buried. Illustrators of the 1897 Bible Pictures and What They Teach Us by Charles Foster. This image is in the public domain. Cropped from original.