Genesis 5 Chapter Commentary: The Generations of Adam

The continuity of the human race from Adam to Noah is covered in Genesis 5. The genealogy of mankind starting with Adam and one of his numerous offspring, Seth, is the subject of Genesis chapter 5. These are Adam’s generations, and the chapter that follows traces his family tree all the way to his brother Noah and his three children.

This chapter also introduces us to the birth of Noah. Lamech was born to Methuselah, who lived to be 969 years old. Having lived for 777 years, Lamech had a son Noah, whose name means “comforter” or “liberator”. He had three sons: Ham, Japheth, and Shem.

What’s the Main Point?

Chapter 5 details the generations from Adam through Seth to Noah, connecting the time of Adam and Seth with the time of Noah and his sons as described in chapter 6. No matter how long these first generations of humans lived, one theme is constant in their lives: They die. This ultimate consequence of sin becomes the norm.

What Can We Learn from This Chapter?

There are several lessons we can get from Genesis 5, as this is the beginning of humankind.

Lesson 1: It is said that God created man in his image. This chapter again reminds us that we were created in the likeness of God.

This passage has been repeated, which means the Bible gives emphasis to the origin of man. Therefore, the only reason we destroy ourselves and our souls is when we choose to sin.

Lesson 2: Death will come to us. In this chapter, the death of Adam and the rest of his lineage in different length of years is mentioned. Although they had lived for many years, they also came to an end.

With the ubiquitous advancement of drugs and other technologies to lengthen the mortality of humans, we will still face death.

Lesson 3: If we walk with God, we will not die as God will take our body and soul with him. Just like Enoch, he was taken away by God since he was very faithful to him.

It is mentioned in Genesis 5:21-22, “When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah. After he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked faithfully with God for 300 years and had other sons and daughters.”

We can take this literally or figuratively. Only God knows what happened here, but one thing is for sure – if we walk with God, we will have an everlasting life.


Dear God, we are grateful that despite sin and its awful effects on the human spirit, you decided to create man in your image and that you were determined to deliver us from our sins by grace through faith in Christ Jesus.  May you forgive our sins and give us eternal life through your son, Jesus. Amen.

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