Genesis 4 Chapter Commentary: The Consequences of Human Sin

Genesis 4 mainly discusses the consequences of sin committed by Adam and Eve. This also tells us about the tragic tale of the brothers Cain and Abel.

Adam and Eve gave birth to twins. Cain was a farmer, and Abel was a shepherd. Cain and Abel eventually started making offerings to God.

The offerings made by Abel were accepted well by the Lord. He wasn’t happy with Cain’s offerings, though. When God criticized Cain, the boy reacted angrily. God forewarned Cain of the severe repercussions of transgression, rage, and hatred.

Cain killed his sibling Abel in spite of God’s warning. He was overtaken by sin, which ultimately affected their family.

A city of Cain’s descendants is described as being founded in Chapter 4 as a new, unjust society. It was east of Eden and had the name “Nod” given to it by Cain.

Corruption, brutality, and self-centeredness abounded throughout Cain’s city.

The beginning of human sin on Earth is described in Genesis 4 to 11. Abel and Seth, two men born to Adam and Eve, are also depicted in the Bible’s fourth chapter.

What’s the Main Point?

God informs Cain that sin is lurking at the door and that he must conquer it. Tragic events will inevitably occur if sin and temptation are allowed to rule.

What Can We Learn from This Chapter?

There are at least three lessons we can learn from Genesis 4. These lessons are not only applicable to siblings but also to everybody.

Lesson 1: Envy kills. The earliest instance of envy that resulted in a murder can be found in the tale of Cain and Abel. If we are envious of our neighbors, life will only get harder. We are all equally talented because God created us. Even though we don’t all have the same skills, we are all equal. The Supreme Being is only God.

Lesson 2: Give from your heart. Abel chose the best offering to God because he loved God and he wanted to give the best of what he had. Therefore, God was so pleased with him. On the other hand, Cain’s offering was not as good as Abel’s. So, God rejected it.

Whenever we give, let’s do it for the love of God in order for us to find the immense happiness in our hearts. Love by giving is more gratifying.

Lesson 3: Every sin has repercussions. Cain killed his sibling, which caused his exile from the land of his parents. He started to roam. It served as God’s retribution for his actions. We must therefore be mindful of our actions since they have consequences.


Almighty Father, we thank you for your love and generosity as you provide our temporal and spiritual needs. Help us become like you so that we find joy in giving without expecting anything in return. Amen.

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