Genesis 11 Chapter Commentary: The Tower of Babel

This chapter discusses the origin of different languages. All of Ham, Japheth, and Shem’s descendants could still interact with one another despite their various geographies and social customs as the human race developed, since the entire planet spoke a single language.

They eventually arrived at a plain place known as Shinar as they moved eastward over time to conquer new areas of the earth. The decision was made to erect a city and a tower that would reach the heavens here. In case the population spread out across the country, the tower would serve as a symbol to bring them all together.

God made the people speak several languages because he saw that they had the potential to accomplish anything when they were united. To confine them to a narrow range of thought, he confused their tongues. The name of the city, Babel, implies “a place of confusion”.

What’s the Main Point?

Amazing things happened during the construction of the city and the Tower of Babel. To geographically divide the earth’s peoples, God uses His power and creative abilities to mix up their languages.

What Can We Learn from This Chapter?

This chapter teaches us one important virtue which is humility. Nimrod and his people were full of themselves that they didn’t pray to God to ask for guidance. They thought they could do things on their own.

God confused them so that they would disperse over the earth. When God confused the language of the people, it caused them to scatter and form different nations and languages.

The Tower of Babel in modern times can be seen everywhere. Many of us are so preoccupied with taking care of ourselves that we neglect God and the idea that without God, nothing is possible.


Almighty Father, thank you for letting us fall and rise from sins we committed by forgiving us and giving us the chance to start our lives all over again. Help us stay with you while we carry our cross. Make us meek and humble just like your Son, Jesus. Give us wisdom to make right decisions to fulfill your plans for us. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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