Genesis 1 Chapter Commentary: Creation

The creation of the world in six days is described in the first chapter of Genesis. It contains 31 verses. The Lord spoke all things into being, with the exception of humans, whom He created in His image, according to the Bible.

The universe, the earth, and all life on it were made by God. He created humans in his likeness and granted them rule over the planet.

What’s the Main Point?

God demonstrates his mighty strength when he divides waters and establishes order over His creation.

What Can We Learn from This Chapter?

God’s primary goal is for all his people to recognize him as the Creator of everything, including the sun, moon, stars, and even human life.  Because of this, he deserves our worship and adoration. Since God created all living and non-living things on earth, it is the responsibility of mankind to take care of them.

In addition, the human race serves as God’s representatives on earth, and this chapter discusses how he bestows onto us his image. It has to do with sharing his duty to tame and rule the rest of creation with people. Each and every human life is highly valued in God’s eyes because we were created in his image.


Dear God, our Great Creator, may you always remind us of where we came from so that we can always give glory to your name. We are grateful to you every day for showing us your love through your wonders. Amen.

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