Super Star Speech Review

Sep 3, 2021 | Blog

Probably the most important part of a child’s education is their learning to read. I know I have found intense joy when my own children have started to read or sound out/recognize letter sounds and words. Their eyes light up at the very fact that they are able to accomplish this.

Some of these letter sounds are hard for small children to pronounce and while most of them are able to learn correct pronunciation on their own, others have a difficult time. That is where Super Star Speech comes in. The introduction states that the “purpose of this book is to assist parents in helping their children achieve developmentally appropriate speech.” I received the Super Star R&L book by Deborah Lott to review as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

While I was not really able to use this book as it is not currently a need in our home, I will be sharing my thoughts on this program.

First off, a small introduction and “how to teach/lesson plan” with this book is provided. This is especially helpful for those parents who have no experience with speech therapy. Mrs. Lott shares the steps toward teaching correct sounds and gives detail on how the steps are accomplished. She also gives reasons why keeping records on speech therapy lessons are important in order to note the progress the child is making. She provides a sample lesson plan for you to get your creative juices flowing.

Beginning with “R,” you are then given helpful ways to teach your child how to place lips and tongue so that the R sound is produce. Following that is an R word list (helpful if you get stopped trying to think of more words that contain R! Think Mommy brain) and then the correct tongue placement for L and a word list for that letter as well.

Then comes what I think is the best part of this! Practice and games. It has been my experience that children learn better when they are able go about it in a fun, hands-on sort of way. Practice sessions in involve words that start or end with R or L and then move on to L or R blends. Sentences for them to read aloud for these two letters are provided as well. Then: games! Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, and a simple board game are given to reinforce your child’s ability to correctly say R and L. I can easily see how this would spur a child on towards practicing towards correct speech.

This particular book, Super Star R&L, can be bought in a spiral-bound edition for $18.95. You can buy the eBook version for $12.95. To tag along with this book you can purchase additionally a Game/Picture pack for $5.95. Printed on heavy card stock you would not have to worry about printing out the games from the book. Also available are 90 page manual to help you identify errors in your child speech for $22.95. Books covering S, Z, Sh, Ch, J, Th, and a complete edition (with all books!) can be found here.