Image by Katharina N. from Pixabay

Kimberly Eddy’s Momma’s Guide to Growing Your Groceries is an excellent book for those beginning gardeners who have the passion to feed their family from a home garden. I wish I had had this book years ago as it very clearly lays out the best way to start a garden for someone like me who has very little gardening experience. If you don’t know where to start growing plants to use for food then I highly suggest this eBook.

Mrs. Eddy begins with a chapter on how to objectively look at growing food for your home. She gives examples of going through her pantry and noticing what her family did and did not eat and the notes she made in order to make her garden a better fit for next year. Moving on, she explains how to choose the best location for your garden and how to begin making a plan of where things in your garden will go.

Gardening “jargon” oftentimes found on bookshelves in libraries and book stores make those of us who aren’t experienced feel behind even before we start. Technical speak can cause the most determined of us to give up before we begin and to feel defeated. This Growing your Groceries eBook is written in such a way that you can learn practically and easily just what steps need to be taken and how to go about starting a successful garden. You won’t stumble over unfamiliar words or processes that the novice gardener will not know. I especially appreciated her section on Fruit Trees and Espaliers because it was straightforward and I have not found before now such helpful instructions on this subject before.

Information on dirt, herbs and flowers, climates, food preservation is offered and helps one choose what exactly your individual family can and should plant. There is also one whole chapter called “What do you need to grow?” that is entirely dedicated to guiding you towards making the best planting decisions. 6 questions are provided that give you a chance to think through the necessary processes towards making this garden to be the most successful it can be. Do you have a question as to whether you should start with seeds or plants? Mrs. Eddy provides information on this as well.


A list of “Helpful Resources” is provided at the very end is provided for those who would like more reading.

This is one eBook that I feel I cannot recommend highly enough. It is affordable – if you wish to download it is only $7.95 -, easy to read and understand, and was written with the family’s best interest and best use of mother’s time in mind. Mrs. Eddy has used her own expertise and experience to provide a practical manual that at 69 pages is small enough for busy mother’s to find time to read. Make sure to visit this page and order it for yourself. She also has many other eBooks available to help homemakers in their journey towards providing the best that they can for their family!

*A copy of Momma’s Guide to Growing Your Groceries was provided to me to review. The views contained herein are my own.*