Pandia Press Review – Level One Ancients

Sep 2, 2021 | Blog

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

*Pandia Press graciously gave me a copy of their Level One Ancients History Odyssey Study Guide, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew.*

Written for 1st-4th graders, this guide uses various resources to teach historical periods to students. Much like other unit-study-type curricula out there, it uses some living books to help bring the facts to our children in a livelier, less boring manner. It is styled after the manner of classical education.

Each lesson includes reading from either the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyoclopedia of World History, The Story of the World – Volume 1,  or A Child’s History of the World. Also provided are coloring pages, suggested activities and projects, and an extra suggested book list in each lesson to be used to supplement the lessons included. The lesson provided are enough to use for a full year of history studies. The lessons in this study cover everything from the beginning of our world – depending  on what each specific teacher beliefs you are intended to find a corresponding book – to ancient Greece to the Byzantine Empire.

I like how simple this unit study is. It comes in a set of pages, already three-hole-punched. The layout of each lesson is easy and straight-forward. There is not a lot of planning needed beforehand, excepting any extra books you might want to pick up at the library.  The price is also right at $24.95 (if you order it from Rainbow Resource.) This study would be especially useful for those who follow the Well-Trained Mind way of teaching.

I personally prefer something a little more meaty in the Teacher preparedness. I like to have a little background on what I will be teaching. With this Pandia Press History Odyssey I am left to read through whatever books are suggested to gain some idea of what I will be teaching. This might be a little overwhelming for me at this point of motherhood.

One personal item that I do not care for is that I definitely teach from the Christian stand-point and Pandia Press products are generally secular. I prefer to have a curriculum where the author’s stand to reinforce Christian values through teaching, rather than having something that separates the two.

From the standpoint of frugality this is very affordable if you have access to a library system with a decent amount of educational books. However, even if you could not find the books mentioned, Pandia Press would be easily adaptable to different books under the same topic. This is a huge plus.

Make sure to check the website out here!