Children’s Bible Hour Review

Sep 2, 2021 | Blog

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

*Children’s Bible Hour Ministries provided the above picture books to review as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew.*

Did you know that the much-loved ministry responsible for Keys for Kids devotions offers books? Neither did I. When I was very little – and we will not discuss how long ago that was. ahem. – my mom used Keys for Kids as our devotional during homeschool time. My siblings and I always loved the short stories that accompanied each days’ thought. It provided a practical way to visual what God taught us to do in the Bible. And now Children’s Bible Hour Ministries offers a new children’s book series, created to teach children to learn about faith in God.

Below is some information straight from their website, with my thoughts following.

  • Race with Midnight
    Becky spends spring break on her cousin Sarah’s horse farm in Montana. Taking horse rides amidst the beautiful mountains and valleys, Becky tries to share her faith with Sarah as she talks about God’s creation. Will Sarah listen? Priced at $10
  • You Can’t Come In
    Adam and his new friend Zack decide to build a tree fort one warm summer day. After zooming down a hill and falling into a muddy pond, Zack asks Adam about going to church and salvation. Will Adam be able to explain his faith to Zack? $10
  • Seventy Times Seven
    Batter up! When Brad accidentally breaks the ice cream shop’s sign, the owner forgives Brad. But when his best friend Doug ruins Brad’s favorite baseball cap, will he be able to forgive Doug? $10
  • Braving the Storm
    When Thomás moves away from his neighborhood and into a mobile home in his grandparents’ backyard, he misses his friends. There’s nothing to do around the apple orchard with no friends, his dad works a lot, and his little brother was hurt in an accident. All his sister wants to do is play with her dolls. Will Thomás be able to rely on God to get through the difficult times? $10

You can buy the whole set together for $40, which as you will notice is not a bargain frugally-speaking. Still, it is easier to click on one button rather than four. :-)

Some things I liked about this series were the Read-Along CDs that came with each book. My children love to listen to stories and so they were able to learn the story while looking at the book, even if I was unavailable to read it to them myself. The CDs would also be handy on a road trip. I also appreciate the straight-forward talk of God and His attributes. I do not care for modern childrens’ books because they focus on fluff-n-stuff and are often uselessly silly.

The children in the book and their problems discussed are realistic and give a great way to talk bring up certain Biblical topics with your children. I especially love how a child is portrayed as being bold enough and Biblically-educated in a manner so as to be able to share his faith with a peer in You Can’t Come In. It reminded me that I need to teach my own children how to do the same.

The only thing that I did not really care for were that the illustrations are so-so. Maybe I am picky and hard to please but they weren’t all that impressive. This really is not a big concern since most children could care less. It is certainly not issue enough to make me give it a negative review.

All in all I liked this series and my children did as well. I recommend looking at the website yourself to see if it might be a welcome addition to your family’s bookshelves.