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A Disclaimer on Home Organization

A Disclaimer on Home Organization

March 30, 2010 by Kelly  
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It came to mind shortly after I posted the first post in my series on Home Organization that I need to clarify something. In that introductory article I pointed out what I felt were some reasons to take up home organization. Maintaining order in one’s home is necessary to keep the atmosphere of it as stress-free as possible.

At the same time. . .

Oh yes. There is an amendment to all of this.

There will be times when:

mom is pregnant

sickness prevails

dad is gone often, or doesn’t help around the house at all

etc. etc. etc.

These times I wouldn’t expect a shining bathroom to happen often or dinner to necessarily be planned out ahead of time. There are many seasons to one’s life and rolling with the punches is better than being a die-hard stickler of keeping everything exactly in order. I would not recommend abandoning all order or routine in these situations, but the ability to keep up with basics may be drastically lowered.

Tomorrow we will continue with the next post on Home Organization.

Until then. . .

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