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Sally Clarkson and Mom Heart Groups

Sally Clarkson and Mom Heart Groups

March 24, 2010 by Kelly  
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My heart is bursting with excitement right now. Many of you will probably remember that one of my desires as a young mother is for more Titus 2 relationships amongst women. I have asked the older women in our lives not to be afraid to mentor us younger moms. And as I have looked carefully into my own heart, I have encouraged moms to be teachable. Unfortunately our churches fall short in this area. I have personally been in much prayer over this area. Imagine the joy I felt when I read last night that Sally Clarkson is planning on starting Mom Heart Groups?

Friends, this is an amazing opportunity! If you are in an area where older Titus 2 women are not available, or if you are one of those more experienced moms, this could provide that valuable common ground to start those much needed relationships between women. I realize this has just been announced and all details and information have not been shared, this is a great starting point for thinking about how you can be involved in this in your own church and community.

Be sure to read more and pray about what you can do. Share this information with your church. Why not approach a mom in your church family and say “Hey, I think you would be perfect for this!” In the meantime, be in prayer over Christian women and ask for His blessings on those trying to fulfill their special roles as homemakers, wives, and mothers.

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4 Comments on “Sally Clarkson and Mom Heart Groups”

  1. Wendy on Wed, 24th Mar 2010 7:25 pm 

    Dear Kelly,
    Thank you so much for letting us know of this opportunity! I just went over and spent quite a little time perusing Sally’s site. I am sure that God had some purpose in allowing me to find out (through you:) about her ministry and website, though at this time I don’t know what that purpose is, but I will be praying about it. As you know, I’m an older mom who has a passion for discipling and encouraging younger moms and a desire to be the Titus 2 older woman that there are far too few of in this world. We will wait and see what the Lord has in store through this!


    Kelly Reply:


    I pray that this will be useful for you in some way! I believe Mrs. Clarkson is passionate about the right thing: encouraging experienced mothers to help, teach, and encourage younger mothers. I pray that this will be fruitful!


  2. Jennifer on Wed, 24th Mar 2010 8:00 pm 

    Kelly, I just read your comment that you left on I Take Joy and had to come over and see your blog. My heart beats the same as yours it sounds about the mentoring, etc. I registered for the training ….hope to meet you then?!?!


    Kelly Reply:

    Hi Jennifer!

    I am so excited to meet you. What a blessing to find kindred spirits! I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to many more visits. :-)

    I am praying over attending but I sure hope meet you there, as well.


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