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September 8, 2009 by Kelly  
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Last night I poured out to my best friend my frustrations and feelings of discouragement I was experiencing. My husband listened intently to what I was saying and as usual he was able to hear between the lines what the actual problem was. (My husband rocks at listening. I wish all husbands were like that.) I had been going through a roller-coaster of emotional whiplash for weeks now. One minute I was happy as could be, the next minute I was ready to strangle even the toaster. Because really? Why did the toaster think it necessary to burn the toast?

Something miraculous happened in the short thirty-minute conversation on the couch with my BFF. As I listened to my husband speak uplifting words to me I felt a huge weight lift from my freckled shoulders. Weeks of stewing in discouragement were gone in a matter of moments.

Discouragement will eat you a live if you let it. Unfortunately it seems that many of us do not realize when our loved ones are needing that pat on the back. That little pep-talk that keeps some of us going. When is the last time you have told your spouse “Hey! You know what? I am so blown away at how hard you have worked on such and such.” or “You know, I really have noticed how you never complain about changing diapers/getting up with the kids at night/working at your job, etc. That is amazing. I love you for it!” When is the last time you have given your children or friend or family member an injection of words laden with encouragement?

I wonder why it surprises me to see my daughter smile so big after I have let her know how much I appreciate how she works with a cheerful heart? Why does it amaze me how my son let’s go of his grumpiness after I give him a hug, tell him I love him, and let him know I think his hugs are the best? Real question is: Why do I forget to encourage when I know how wonderful it is when I am encouraged by someone else?

Words are amazing things, folks. They are verbal pats on the backs for a job well done or for quiet service that nobody seems to notice. The lift a person’s countenance and make them smile. And though I have no proof, I am pretty sure that encouraging words are good for one’s health.

Try it today. You won’t regret it.

Photo courtesy of: Shawn Allen

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2 Comments on “Encouragement”

  1. HisFireFly on Tue, 8th Sep 2009 7:33 am 

    Thanks for reminding us of this simple truth Kelly! Words we speak mean so much more than we know.

    When we take the time to be still, wait and listen, our Lord will speak words of encouragemet into us too – saying “come on, you can do it, through Me”


  2. Annette Piper on Tue, 8th Sep 2009 4:43 pm 

    Yes, words of encouragement and thanks really do make all the difference!


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